Nathalie Banaigs

2015 A Handful of Dust Group Show

Eight Artists Remember Children Caught in Conflicts.

Eight Kent artists created artworks to expose the plight of children caught up in current conflicts, presented at Pie Factory Margate in December 2015 in a show called ‘A Handful of Dust’.

Horrified by the destruction and the violence taking place in Gaza in July 2014, artists Bob Lamoon and myself set up the Facebook group ‘I remember the children’ with the sole aim of paying tribute to the children who have died in the conflict during that summer. They asked group members to place a small floral tribute to a named child in a public place, take a photograph and upload it to the group page. 3600 people placed tributes all around the world, in the UK and also Algeria, Australia, Denmark, France, Holland, India, Iraq, Jordan, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, Turkey, USA etc…
Following these many expressions of concern, we decided to produce a collection of contemporary works inspired by the situation of children caught up in wars. We invited six other artists to join us and, together, we took part in ‘A Handful of Dust’, a show featuring works that we moving and thought provoking, creative statements and expressions about humanity.

Our work was meant to deeply engage with the viewers and to encourage further thinking about the issues of our times. Our project supported the fight against war through the creation of works of art to raise awareness and influence opinion. As well as being an act of protest and an attempt to engage with the viewers on the subject of the disaster of war and its impact on children, ‘A Handful of Dust’ also was about resilience and hope.

The exhibition featured works by:

Nathalie Banaigs
Laurie Harpum
Jill Holder
Bob Lamoon
Caroline Lamoon
Max Kimber
Tracie Peisley
Patricia Wilson Smith

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The Making of “Gaza”, inspired by Picasso’s Guernica.