Le Petit Homme n’est plus la


Extract from Colette’s journal 15th February 1972:

“Take back this series of five paintings, try to make them as a dynamic suite. The first one: put some distance in the four angles to make a man’s bust out of this dark mass. The first painting in the series. Then, the man moves away and becomes completely devoured by the landscape in the fifth painting. Work more on this corner of sky in the fifth painting; go down the mountain line a little, which is not harmonious enough.”

Extract from Colette’s journal 16th February 1972:

“I’m still looking at this series of five. I have to make a sixth. The landscape must devour everything: man and sky. Therefore, it is necessary that the sixth painting includes nothing but the blue mountains and immense fields without sky, without opening, without man. Empty and disturbing. The sixth painting is done. It is necessary. The little man is gone. Nature has swallowed everything, like a sea and its waves of mountains and meadows. PS: the six paintings will be called “the little man is no longer there”.”

Note: the sixth painting cannot be found. This series seems to have been shown with only five. Perhaps Colette has removed one in the middle…