Posted On: August 14th, 2018 - In: Travels

Paris really is a beautiful city. It looks beautiful, it is a small scale city in which you can walk all day and encounter so much culture. Day and night. An entire life living in Paris would not suffice to see it all. I get a lot of positive feelings from Paris. Its charm comes form its history and its culture. Regular immersions do a lot for my inspiration.

I was due to meet with my friend Fanny at the St-Paul Metro station at 3pm, right in the heart of the Marais area in Paris. Just as we spotted eachother, we found ourselves in the middle of a small group, led by a colourful woman about to lead a guided tour in ‘Le Marais Medieval’. Fanny suggested that we joined them and as I like impromptu things, I was up for it.

I was born in Paris, I spent years living there, and yet, there is so much I have never known or encountered. Typically, it is worth being a tourist in your home town.

Paris. Le Marais.

The colourful woman was Anoushka from Association Culture Emoi. Entertaining she was, adding a funny touch to her comments.

Paris. Le Marais. A guided tour with Anoushka from Association Culture Emoi.

We spent two rather fascinating hours walking in narrow streets from a Hotel (private mansion) to another. Many of them were built during the Middle Ages.

Paris. Le Marais. Hotel de Sens.

Paris. Le Marais. Hotel de Sully.

Paris. Le Marais. Hotel de Beauvais.

Dinner with friends Place Dauphine, famously known because Yves Montand and Simone Signoret lived there. On a warm summer evening like today, the benches are taken over by young people for picnics…

Paris. Place Dauphine.

One of the best thing to do in Paris – I recommend it to everyone – is  a trip on a boat from the Pont-Neuf at night. That part of Paris is the oldest and a beautiful one. The river Seine is not industrial and is quite narrow, making it more human size than other very large rivers. Each side is covered with superb old buildings that have been cleaned over the past few years, looking fabulous especially at night.

Paris. The river Seine.

Paris. A trip on the river Seine.

Paris. A trip on the river Seine.

Paris. A trip on the river Seine.

In the summer, there is so much life on the quay with buvettes and music… People living their lives with joy. I love this atmosphere. It is contagious and makes me want to join in… Bliss.

Paris. A trip on the river Seine. Partying on the quay.