Posted On: August 1st, 2018 - In: Travels

There is so much to do and so much to see! I am planning to go and see more of that wonderful planet we live on. I like plans. They keep me motivated, focused and enthusiastic.

A couple of family events have been life changing for me over the past couple of years, giving me a different perspective on life, people and the world.  Losses caused sadness, exhaustion and stress. That’s OK to feel that way, until you realise you can do something about it, looking for the positive. Quite remarkably, I found myself in such a different situation, that something clicked and changed. It opened my eyes and my mind. I became somehow more aware of the fact that we only have ONE life; and it is short. I feel I have to grab what is there whilst it is there, correct mistakes and change decisions I made in the past. It didn’t work with everything but at least I tried and it leaves me at peace, with less regrets than if I hadn’t moved from my previous position.

I am opening a new chapter; I am called to see and experience more of the world out there. So I made travel plans: I will visit each continent during a couple of years, meeting creatives, artists and makers whose work inspire me and my work as an artist.  Like all artists, I get inspiration from what is around me. How exciting to go and discover a new world of inspiration! I will do this to my standard, at my rythm, with my ability and means.

This is what I started this blog for:  I will share the cultural and creative discoveries I make along the way.

After a little practice in familiar grounds such as France and the UK, I will gradually expand….