A Shared Legacy 2011

I wrote this in 2011 for an exhibition we did together at Creek Creative in Faversham “A Shared Legacy“:

I am very proud of my Mum. This exhibition is a tribute to her and to her work which touches me immensely. A message of gratitude and gratefulness from me to her, for having taught me how vital it is to let some form of art in our lives.

I think my mother’s work is remarkable. She is a ‘true’ painter in the sense that she needs painting to live. She needs it to express herself. She is a powerful painter showing her vision of the world and the impact it has on her. Her paintings demand attention and concentration so you can feel what her depiction of the human nature is about, and see the references to solitude especially; amongst other elements. One has to look underneath the surface.

For me, as a daughter, it goes even further than that. Her work touches me because it’s her talking, without saying anything. It’s her sending a message from inside, and I am trying to access it.

I am not an artist like her in that respect. What I do when I paint is to assemble forms and colours until my eyes are satisfied. When I cover a canvas with paint, something makes me choose ochre or red rather than blue or purple; draw squares rather than circles – but it doesn’t go into a need of expressing anything, it doesn’t go beyond visual composition.

Our paintings have similarities in colours for instance, but what is behind them is very different. The reason why we stand in front of a canvas and the reasons why we do what we do on it are completely different.

Whatever I do, consciously or not, I owe it to her.