Nathalie Banaigs

The Artist


French born artist, Nathalie grew up in an arty environment, with her mother a painter, modern art teacher and museum curator; her brother is a film-maker; her grand father was a photographer and her great grand father a textile artist and designer. She followed with a strong interest for art herself. She did painting and photography work for many years when she lived in France, whilst pursuing a career in television. She moved to the UK in 2000, fell in love and moved to Kent in 2004 where she founded Kent Creative to dedicate her work to the wider creative community.

Since 1993, her work has appeared in a number of exhibitions and art fairs. Nathalie’s work is included in several private collections including France, Italy and the UK.

Nathalie lives in Faversham, Kent, UK.

Artist Statement

Exploring photography, collages and painting, my work combines these techniques in abstract works. I use my photography work with collages and acrylic paint to create layers of shapes, textures and colours. Each form leading to another, pieces of work eventually come together. This may be triggered by something specific or it may be initiated by random attempts until it visually means something to me.

Being an artist is about seeing the world around us. Our environment is full of graphic details that I capture on my camera almost every day. I get inspiration from these details to enhance my work with photo transfer, collage and painting.

With most of my artworks, I make titles up out of ‘automatic writing’, as I do not wish to describe the work and limit its understanding by suggesting a precise meaning with words. I write lines in notebooks and pick bits up every time I complete a piece of work. I choose whatever I feel fits, or I make a random choice. The titles don’t have a logical meaning for the reader, leaving it to their sensitivity and imagination to interpret.

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Nathalie Banaigs - Picture by Robert Greshoff <br>Part of his Kent Artists Project.

Nathalie Banaigs - Picture by Robert Greshoff
Part of his Kent Artists Project.